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          Iron casting,Aluminium casting,Precision casting,Hardware
          • Tel:0086-537-2232899
          • Fax:0086-537-2283766
          • Wechat:0086-13053778839
          • E-mail:rdjd@m-electrical.com
          • Website:www.m-m-electrical.com
            Company profile
                JiNing RuiDe mechanical electrical Co.,ltd is one of the biggest mechanical spare parts manufacturers in ShanDong province, China. The company is located in the hi-tech mechanical and electrical industry park of JiNing city where transportation is very convenient. The company mainly serves the foreign market. Our company has a set of complete control system and the advanced quality testing equipment, which enable us to supply the high grade mechanical product for foreign clients.
                We have strong machining capacity and one experienced team composed by senior and middle-level engineers. We have a variety of advanced equipment such as Universal latheCNC latheMilling machineGrinding machine and Drilling machine etc. Our iron casting sforgings and stampings are satisfied by the clients from USA, UK, Italy ,Russia and we have established friendly cooperation relations with them.
                Our company is in line with the management idea of quality first, customer supreme, focus on quality and abides the contract; our price is reasonable and the delivery is prompt; in addition, we can process according to your drawings.We are very glad to establish a long-term cooperation relation with mechanical industry friends. If you want to save cost and increase benefit please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to meet your requirement.